About Us

We are a curated lifestyle & home accessories shop connecting you to original South-East Asian artisans.

terrai was created as a love letter to South-East Asia and wanting to highlight unique products from the region, used for everyday living.

Our goal is to provide you timeless, minimal pieces for your home/living that are conversation starters. “Where did you get that? Such a cool piece” is the ultimate phrase we want you to be asked on your terrai pieces.


To create terrai, we scoured the region to discover different makers - weavers, carpenters, potters, etc; who stand out of the crowd, whether it be the native raw materials they use, the production techniques, down to the final aesthetic. We then collaborate together with them to bring you one-of-a-kind essentials. Working with artisans means our products are created slowly with intention and come in small-batch quantities.

We collaborate with artisans that are environmentally friendly. Being eco-conscious, our products are created using local materials native to the country, and we are continuously striving to have all products 100% made from local raw materials. 


Beyond the product, we also want to share the rich cultural stories that go into the making of a terrai piece - stories that transport you to where the product was made, the people, their heritage. In today’s globalized world, we often lose this connection, and we bridge this gap to inspire you. 

Enjoy our space and happy exploring.

Love, Alex & Angelica